Type B-70                            Type OV-31 

Purpose and characteristics.

Vibration isolating supports of type OV-31 and OV-70 are designed for vibration isolation of industrial equipment and small and medium-sized machines with rigid frames of normal and high precision.
Properties of the materials used:
- the support body corresponds to steel not lower than St.3GOST380-88
- rolled rubber compound:
III-2B-12X, TU2512-046-00152081-2003
III-2A-12X, TU2512-046-00152081-2003

Tests of the climatic properties of the support according to GOST15150-69-UHL4.
Workload test - the operating range is not less than 2480 N and not more than 45700 N.

     The main parameters of OV-31:
- height - 130mm.
- height adjustment limit - 15.6mm
- weight - 1.56+0.07 kg.
- max. case diameter - 142+2mm.

Operating conditions.

     Meteorological operating conditions according to SNiP 2.01.07-85 for the Central European part of Russia.
Storage - in a warehouse in conditions of sign-constant temperatures. For long-term storage (more than 6 months) or when stored in conditions of high humidity, it is recommended to lubricate the metal parts of the product body with anti-corrosion compounds.

The scope of delivery.

     Vibration-insulating support assembly (packaging according to the customer's request, packaging category according to GOST 23170-78).

Warranty obligations.

     The manufacturer guarantees trouble-free operation of the products for at least one year from the date of shipment to the customer. The manufacturer is not responsible for the quality and operability of the product when it is not used for its intended purpose, in case of violations of the rules of transportation that caused mechanical and other damage, in case of violations of the rules of storage and installation of the product, as well as for the use of the product in environments other than those specified in the passport.

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