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The manufacture of high-quality fasteners is the key to the successful development of our company.

Every Russian person is well aware of the abbreviation GOST. This icon, which came to us from the Soviet past, is found on packages with food and other goods. The state standard (which is how the word "GOST" stands for) is more than 80 years old. In 1925, a Standardization Committee was established in the Soviet Union, and the first standards were developed that regulated the quality of all goods: from bread and sausage to machinery and equipment. GOST standards have lived for decades, over time, of course, changed and adjusted. Today there are about 25 thousand standards regulating the production of a variety of goods. Nowadays, the GOST-R system also operates in Russia

It is the manufacture of hardware in accordance with all the requirements of GOST standards that guarantees the quality of products manufactured by our plant.



Product quality control

Quality control is one of the most important stages of product delivery. Product quality control is carried out both during the production process and after preparing the goods for shipment.

Despite the fact that an improved standardization system is being introduced in our country today, certification is being trained, international quality standards are being introduced, GOST standards are still in effect. By the way, they have been preserved not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries, and are common to the member countries of the commonwealth.

Certification is a guarantee of quality

As you know, any products or services are valued above all precisely if they have established indisputable quality standards. This can be attributed to absolutely everything, whether it is food or the production of hardware products. Nowadays, a certificate will be the guarantor of such quality, as well as compliance with all established norms and rules.

Confirmation that the products fully meet the necessary requirements is beneficial not only to the consumer, but also, to no lesser extent, to the manufacturer. That is why such a phenomenon as voluntary certification is becoming the norm in our country. The initiator of voluntary certification is the manufacturer himself, which undoubtedly serves as a sign of an increase in the culture of production and consumption.

In order to take a stable position in the market and attract as many consumers as possible, it is necessary to guarantee the high quality of the goods produced, namely, to obtain a certificate and issue all permits. At the moment, our factory has prepared a package of documents and developed a schedule for the implementation of quality management certification according to ISO 9001: 2008.

Product certification will be a clear proof that the product is really of the highest quality. Today, given the rapid pace of development and the emergence of new technologies, almost all goods must be confirmed by a certain type of certificate, which indicates their compliance with certain quality standards that are accepted in the state (GOST).


Certification of products, as a rule, includes registration of the following documents: quality certificate, hygiene certificate, fire safety certificate, as well as laboratory test report.

All products manufactured by our factory are accompanied by a quality certificate, which is compiled on the basis of:
- data provided by the controllers, compliance with geometric parameters according to GOST.
- test report of mechanical properties of hardware. The tests are carried out in the laboratory of the plant, which is equipped with equipment for checking mechanical properties.

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