Our company produces welded fasteners:

  • - Flexible anchor stops of SD type of any size;
  • - Stud bolts (studs) with thread up to M24;
  • - Ceramic rings used as flux rings when mounting stops and stud bolts.
Currently, the technology with the use of flexible anchor stops is widely used in the construction of steel-reinforced concrete structures of bridges, road interchanges, industrial buildings and civil engineering.


Diameter, mm 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25
Length, mm 50-300
Time resistance, N/mm2 450
Yield strength, N/mm2 350
Standard GOST R 55738-2013
Stop material 09G2S
Material Aluminum
Ceramic Ring Type UF


Shema Prozr 1

Our technological lines allow us to master the serial production of a new standard size of products within 7 working days, as well as flexible changeover of equipment during production to another size in the shortest possible time.

Stable quality and technical characteristics are guaranteed by advanced production technologies, the use of domestic steel grades and independent quality control of each batch of products.

According to the tests, the 09G2C steel grade has proven itself well, the use of which provides the necessary technical characteristics, ease of installation (weldability of the material without restrictions) and the possibility of operation at low temperatures.


Privarn Ypor 77
Privarn Ypor 44



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