High-strength studs designed for steel building structures (including bridges), as well as for metal structures used in heavy engineering. These studs combine high strength properties with good ductility and viscosity, therefore, depending on the design, the studs can be used in areas with a design temperature of up to minus 65 ° C. This is achieved by special heat treatment.

In the manufacture of high-strength studs, flaw and staining on the surface of the thread are not allowed if they go beyond the average thread diameter in depth and if their total length exceeds a quarter of a turn in length.


  • GOST 22032, 22043-77
  • STEEL 40Х, 20, 35, 45
  • STRENGTH CLASSES 3,6 4,6 5,6 6,8 8,8 10,9
  • DIAMETERS М20, М22, М24, М27, М30, М33, М36, М42
  • LENGTHS from 100 mm
  • THE PRICE is negotiable**

** The cost is calculated individually for each application

^ Наверх