A lanyard is a rigging unit that is designed to fix cargo during their transportation, or to hold composite structures (for example, ventilation ducts, masts, lighting systems, etc.).




The device and the principle of operation of the lanyard:
The device in question consists of several parts:

  • Cast, welded or stamped coupling, equipped with two threaded holes.
  • Pairs of hooks or other load-grabbing elements with threads on the opposite part.
  • Lining washers, which produce a more uniform distribution of the load.
  • Locking nuts that prevent spontaneous rotation of the grips.


Types of Lanyard gripping elements:

  • BB (fork-fork).
  • WU (fork-ring).
  • WU (ring-ring).
  • GG (hook-hook).
  • VG (fork-hook).
  • GU (hook-ring).

We produce:

  • Turnbuckle according to GOST 9690-71, OST5.2314-79.
  • Turnbuckle according to other regulatory documents (e.g. DIN 1480, 1478)
  • It is also possible to manufacture fasteners according to the drawings and technical documentation of the customer.
  • The Turnbuckle produced pass 100% quality control, the delivery package includes a passport of the established sample (for a product, or a batch of the same type of products).
  • The minimum size in diameter of the threaded part is from M20.
  • The price is negotiable.*


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