U-shaped bolt(Clamp) GOST 24137-80

Clamps according to GOST 24137-80 are designed for fixing pipelines with a diameter from 14 to 500 mm.
The clamps are made of a circle with a diameter from 8 to 24 mm.
It is possible to manufacture according to your sketches, drawings and dimensions.
We also offer the application of a protective coating and heat treatment.U-shaped clamps GOST 24137-80.
U-shaped bolt(Clamp) GOST 24137-80

Example of a conditional designation: 
Clamp D=50 made of steel grade VSt3sp coated with TS9HR
Clamp 50.VSt3sp.019 GOST 24137-80


U-shaped bolt(Clamp)
Material: St 3SP/3PS, 09G2S, St 10, etc.
Diameters D: from 14 to 540 mm.
Lengths: according to GOST 42137-80; according to your size.
Coating: 019, TD20, Ts42.
Cost: negotiable


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