1.  Heat-resistant washers are those with high creep and fracture resistance at high temperatures. They are used to protect the surface of parts of internal combustion engines, steam and gas turbines, boilers, jet engines, nuclear power plants from damage by a nut during tightening.

The high heat resistance of washers is determined by two main physical factors - the strength of the interatomic bonds of the steel from which the washer is made and its structure. Usually, the structure necessary for high strength is obtained by introducing alloying elements capable of additional hardening of the main component of steel.

2.  Stainless washers are resistant to corrosion in atmospheric conditions and aggressive environments.


  • GOST 11371-78, 6958-78*
  • STEEL 20X13, 14X17N2, 12X18N10T, 12X3A, 25X1MF, 12X18N10T, 08X18N10, 08X18T1, 12X18N9, 14X17N2, 12X21N5T, 20X23N18, 25X2M1F
  • DIAMETERS М10, М12, М16, М18, М20, М22, М24, М27, М30, М33, М36, М42, М48, М56, М64
  • THE PRICE is negotiable**

* Manufacture of washers according to other GOST standards and drawings 
** The cost is calculated individually for each application

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